Crypto Coins Signal

The Crypto Coins Signal from the of was formed to provide high-quality service for the novice, experienced and professional traders. This project started out as a way to augment traders around the world; with unique entry and exits points with unparalleled consistency and confidence employing a real time trades. Trading is carried out 24/7, Sunday 00 00 to Friday 00:00 server time (GMT+2 or during summer time GMT +3). Just click RSS Button below to subscribe and get latest Live Signal notifications.

Trading Crypto Coins, 1. BTC (Bitcoin), 2. ETH  (Ethereum), 3. ETC (Ethereum Classic), 4. LTC   (Litecoin), 5. DSH  (Dash),  6. XRP  (Ripple), 7. XMR (Monero), 8. NEO (NEO), 9. IOTA (IOTA)

Active Trades

Date Action Symbol Entry Price Stop Loss Take Profit Status
2018.03.19 Sell XMRUSD 215.00 280.00 136.00 Filled

Trading Signals On Demand And What Should You Know!
Trading Signals On Demand And What Should You Know!The TradingSig signals on demand of the Trade Selector Signal (TSS) system are based on functions such as measuring the rate and speed of price change, volatility, momentum, and harmonics. Then filter the noise and provide a forecast...

The Technical Analysis With Crypto Currencies
The Technical Analysis With Crypto CurrenciesUsing technical analysis in crypto currency markets is a must, for the investors and traders to identify winnable signals. A signal is just information allowing investors and traders to know what a coin price at any giving point is; individuals can use this data to help choose...