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With the crypto market analysis charts and commentary, where investing is required to be fun, easy and approachable, Trade Selector Signal (TSS) mission is to give you user-friendly valuable information in the decision-making process the best way to buy and sell crypto coins. TSS insights are outstandingly rich, self-explanatory, and yet simple to understand - based on TSS system analysis, for virtually any individual ranging from crypto market newbie to professionals.

Market Commentary

November 15, 2018: The bearish interval extended yesterday (Nov 14) within the crypto currency segment along with numerous majors plummeting beneath critical mid-term support price levels. Bitcoin breached the $5620 Coin Dip as Trade Selector Signal has been projecting since Aug 8.

All the other cryptos were also under noticeable selling burden, and Trade Selector Signal trend model continuously shows an unfavorable overall picture, particularly concerning the long-term trend.

Bitcoin reaches its lowest price level in a year, making a new Yearly Low $5281 and specific creating a testing ground of the outer Coin Dip $2860 flagged many moons ago by Trade Selector Signal. 

The overall value of the crypto market decreased by over $5 thousand million as a result of a selloff, and bulls would want a brief recovery to protect themselves from a new leg lower in this bear market adhering to the prolonged consolidation period.

Bitcoin fronts solid Mean Resistance at $6015 and possibly Key Resistance $6593 in distance future, while newly created Yearly Low $5281 will serve as a following primary support area. Traders and investors need to be very cautious about launching new positions.

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