Frequently Ask Questions 

Please explore this FAQ section for answers to all your questions. More sections will be updated regularly to provide you with relevant information in the future.

Do you offer a subscription fee service?

No, this service is not offered at this time.

How can benefit my trading? provides the kind of information not obtainable anywhere else. It's as though the world's top guru is whispering over your shoulder, helping you every step of the way by offering easy to understand advice. 

I'm not a professional trader, is this right service for me?

Yes. Even though professionals may have an edge, can level the playing field. Since you do not you have access to first hand technical/fundamental information, my service provides the necessary information to put you on equal ground.

What recommendations do you have for a new trader?

Too many new traders focus on entries but lack skills in market structure, money management and framing their trades using risk/reward ratios. They also lack reasonable exit targets. In an effort to pinpoint the big move, they focus entirely on complicated entry techniques that do nothing but give false signals. Using a system that offers well-rounded advice is mandatory for success.

How do you compute your signals? uses process each price/time movement with a proprietary patterns. It is able to combine all the market information and project the outcome. It uses many signals such as the up and down price activity to note the end of a trend and the beginning of a new one. 

What indicators are you using? 

NADA, ZERO, NONE are the indicators. In reality, all charting indicators are lagging indicators because they all follow price action. My short-term trading uses the same knowledge as the floor traders, which affects the pricing of the trades. Then the system interweaves that information with core principals and strategies such as price/time trading.

Can you predict the market?

No one can predict the market precisely. I provide you a revolutionary trading signal that offers information for the highest probability of future prices. shows you the best price to be long, when to be short and, perhaps most importantly, when to be out of the market. 

Will you trade my account for me? 

No. I trade my own personal account, I don't trade with respect to viewers of this website. This really is not possible at this time.

Why do you choose the Forex and CFD’s markets?

Basically, it is because Forex happens to be the biggest liquid financial market on the planet. It market turns over 5 trillion USD each day. Forex trading is one country’s currency versus another country’s currency.

On the side, CFD’s are well known, over the counter financial items that creates lower risk for traders to trade general market positions in different markets such as indices, stocks, precious metals,  and commodities.

Can futures trading be done via CFD’s?

The prices for CFD’s are directly related to the prices of futures. However, the price levels differ because of an adjustment of interest and dividends, which is the fair value adjustment. 

Are there many loosing days?

Of course, there will be days where the signals don’t appear to be working in your favor due to market rapidity of action or reaction. This happens to me from time to time as well. But I know that things will change based upon how I manage my risk, my patience and my trading signals. I know that I will be successful for the long haul. But losing days are what makes and improves your overall trading skills.

You may not reach your goals each day, and get as much money as planned. Unfortunately, you may actually lose money on certain days. But you have to look at trading as a way to make money for the long term. Take this viewpoint and your account will build up over time. If you have the right risk management strategy, this should help minimize the risk and build up your account.

What is the track record of 

The track record is published on “Trade Results” tab, where you will find a detailed statistics of my trading history. This easy to read report highlights the Monthly, and Annual totals, Date, Type, Size, Product, Entry/Exit Price Action taken by me along with the exact profit or loss.

Can you recommend trading software?

Yes, recommends Meta Trader 4 trading platform. Meta Trader 4 is very good software, and it’s free. It's blazing fast, reliable and stable. The support on their forum is 24/7. As with any software, it takes a time to learn, but once that occurs, it gives you an edge.