Gold Price Market Commentary June 20, 2019

The Trading Daily Market Commentary features a summary of selected market segments as well as economic matters. Its content of interest is made available to all traders and investors at large

Gold price just hit a five-year high - The 'Maginot Line' of $1390 in the early morning on June 20. It is rallied over $30 per ounce since this wee morning trading hours. 

Just imagine how much higher gold price would be had the Federal Reserve cut rates yesterday. Just imagine how much higher it would be if the investors and traders realized the Federal Reserve is going back to 'Zero" and Quantitative Easing #4 (QE4).

This very new high for 2019, has in all probabilities raised the likelihood of an inappropriate next month rate cut, which stands now at 100 percent. 

What the essential markets still do not see is that the next month cut will be the first way on the route back to Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) and QE4. Like whole sequences, this one will end to be a wrong and bad one.

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