I Want To Be Able To Consult All My Forex Charts Resources At Once

by Joanna
(Huntsville, USA)

Not too long ago, I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas, and he said four computer monitors. I thought he was kidding, as he already has a dual-screen set up on his bedroom computer.

So I asked him what he could possibly need four more monitors for, and he looked me in the eye and said "I want to be able to consult all my Forex charts resources in one glance."

I knew he was into Forex, as he started talking about it in junior high school. We thought it was a fad, but in his first two years of senior high school, he was practicing on dummy accounts since he was still learning and not legally an adult yet.

Once he became a senior, he started putting actual money into it, but he also started making money at it. My husband was very proud, but I was a little worried. A senior in high school doing Forex trading and making money at it? What did I need to worry about though? He was getting time outdoors on the football team, time with friends and girls, and his grades are good enough for college, which we weren't sure about earlier.

I think that's why he's doing it. He wants to pay for his own college since he knows we didn't save up for that.

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Why haven't I done this!!
by: Miguel Torrealba

Man I feel bad now haha, I haven’t tried Forex yet, and now even kids can make Money with it! Well it is good that you encourage you encourage your son to do something smart. It’s amazing the ways someone can make money online with a little knowledge and support.

Wow, that's a lot of monitors
by: Bobo

Wow, that is a lot of monitors. I have never had a set-up like that before. This guy's serious. Yeah, buddy. He's not playing around.

Forex trading did by a student
by: John

It looks like Forex trading can be done even by a student. This article motivates Forex trading and does not talk anything about negatives. It says that the Forex Trading can be done with a very less investment.

Forex Trading is a very good business
by: SAM

It looks like even a student also can do Forex trading and earn real money. It is good that this article motivates Forex trading, but there is no mention of the negative effects. This article talks about Forex trading can be done with a very little investment.

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