Market Commentary April 4, 2019

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The stock market almost reached nirvana in yesterday session over beliefs that the American - Chinese tariff trade war is coming to an end - due to further trial balloons on the portion of the Trump administration and that my friends prompted the stocks to blast-off right out of the starting blocks.

The whole market nirvana started by the high technology loaded Nasdaq, which expanded nearly 0.75%. In the good old days (before QE for example), a traditional motto was that the markets never discounts the related news twice, however as we have all noticed, every fake story about advancement in American - Chinese tariff trade dispute has boosted the tape.

The DJI was up 0.15%. The Greenback Index dropped 0.22%. Gold has slipped 0.19%, while Silver declined to finish at $15.12. The small-cap Russell 2000 index fell by 0.18%.

The Rest Of The Market Story

The Forex market had a mixed day yesterday; although we would like to point out that the Euro Dollar (EUR/USD) pair increased 0.0028 or 0.26% to finish at 1.1233 following trading our Key Sup 1.1195 on Monday (April 2).  

The broader S&P 500 index advanced higher by 6.16 points or 0.21%, last observed at 2873 - that is seven points lower than our 'Trade Exit' marked at Inner Index Rally 2880 - Trade initiated on March 28. More streaming chart analysis of additional markets is available at Trading View. 

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