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Market Commentary 

November 17, 2018: At first, the American markets were lagging and weaker and then bounced on the USA - China list rumors. Technology stocks have once again been the party poopers given that they keep seeing profit-taking following a great multi-year rush. 

There has been a combination of earnings reports but unquestionably looks like money is heading to cash. Into the closing hour, we were treated to a keen interest in the DJI which continually is taking the market further and further out of the way from the psychological 25000 price level. 

Friday's modest bounce has moved prices away from their weeks' lows, but nonetheless, virtually all major indices - S&P500, Nasdaq, and DJI, all are off close to 2% for the week.

Along the global stage, it's worthy of bringing up that a part of which has been made back concerning international investors employing general currency performance, so it's not all terrible.

Asian markets relief rally took place following a weaker opening for American markets, and that optimism did move into the region, however only for a short time.

The Japan Nikkei index opened nicely only to discover selling, and also the heavy spirits melted the Nikkei index into the weekend. The Nikkei finished down minus 0.5% which proceeds the index to a negative 5% Year To Date return.

This particular trade may also have been a stable trade for the Yen currency, which happens to be currently showing month high level by having a 112 handle at hand.

Even though core Eurozone indices started much better following the slow American market recovery as well as the steady Asian markets performance, all begun to drift immediately after more weak numbers, results as well as weekend book-squaring.

Brexit continues to be an enormous overhang for the locale together with the Italian budget managing a distant second. There is a great deal talk within the U.K. encompassing a no-confidence vote, and that is undoubtedly for sure what the Weekend papers will reign over.

Additionally, we heard from 'Super Mario' - European Central Bank chief earlier in the day with his deliberation over Quantitative Easing (QE) into the year 2019. The talk is that they continue into next year by having a probable reference of that they keep an eye on a procedure.

He most likely feels somewhat comfier following Fed VP Richard Clarida claims they may be approaching a neutral interest rates plan. We have got G20 meeting to look forward to later on this month; however we would voice it out that ought to be rebranded to G2 due to the fact USA and China tariffs talks will reign over headlines.

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