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The Live Signal from the Live Account of was formed to provide high-quality service for the novice, experienced and professional traders. This project started out as a way to augment traders around the world; with unique entry and exits points with unparalleled consistency and confidence employing a real time trades. Trading is carried out 24/5, Sunday 00 00 to Friday 00:00 server time (GMT+2 or during summer time GMT +3). Just click RSS Button below to subscribe and get latest Live Signal notifications.


Day Trade (Short Term Trade Signal)

Date Time Action Symbol Entry Price Stop Loss Take Profit Status
2018.02.20 10:30 Buy gbp/usd 1.39350 1.38470 1.39810 Canceled @ 11:30
T/P Reached-Prior to Fill
2018.02.20 12:24 Buy DAX Index 12333 12235 12385 Canceled @ 14:05
T/P Reached-Prior to Fill
2018.02.21 10:55 Buy gbp/usd 1.39350 1.38350 *1.39900* Fill @ 11:30 Win @ 17:12

 Swing Trade (Medium Term Trade Signal)  

Date Time Action Symbol Entry Price Stop Loss Take Profit Status
2018.02.21 09:50 Buy Gold 1307/1317 1252 1339 Pending

Position Trade (Long Term Trade Signal)

Date Time Action Symbol Entry Price Stop Loss Take Profit Status
2018.02.21 09:50 Buy Gold 1307/1317 1252 1358 Pending

Note: If the posted trade signal/position is "Canceled" this doesn't necessarily suggest that I've nullified the trade, it means in my view that the precise entry price did not materialize at a reasonable period or has come to pass.

Live Signals and how are they work

The Live Signal of the Trade Selector Signal (TSS) system is based on functions such as measuring the rate and speed of price change, volatility, momentum, and harmonics. Then filter the noise and provide a forecast based on its answers derived from both the price/time inputs and gravitational fluctuations, and run on Taking Profit Levels. 

Trading Live Signal and what should you know!

First, the purpose of the Live Signals is to introduce you to TSS proprietary trading system and give you a flavor of the trades it generates. Although TSS system includes a different scalping component, due to the nature of a “signaling” service, it is not possible for me to broadcast on this page small, scalping trades (although some trades may end up to be just that).

Some traders like to be constantly in action, long when the market moves up and short when the market is moving down, regardless of whether those steps are occurring within a narrow range. Even though sometimes I trade that way, it would not be possible for me to broadcast in that style of trading at this time. And, it would be impossible for everyone to respond timely to the broadcast before the trade would have already substantially played out.

Second, For the above reasons, I am looking at a bigger picture and strive to tag trades that I consider will have “legs” (although, of course, they don’t always turn out that way). For this reason, often we could stay in a trade for what appears to be a long time since I am gaming for a Take Profit target based on a bigger picture.

I do not like getting stopped out on the market “noise.” So after initially moving the stop to break-even as the trade progresses in my favor, I may leave it there until the initial Take Profit target is hit, unless it looks as if there will be a substantial retracement or reversal before the price reaches the target. 

Third, Because I am looking at a bigger picture, sometimes, the market will move significantly, and I will not have signaled to get on the move. Because I am either waiting to fade the move once the market reaches the right price level, if the market sets up correctly, or waiting for a pullback or retracement to enable a lower risk entry in the direction of the move.

Fourth, I provide one Take Profit target whenever entering a trade. I rarely broadcast second Take Profit target, preferring instead to wait to see what happens at my primary Take Profit target. This strategy has worked well for rough and non-trending days, but on occasion, I may miss a bigger move. If you choose to take this route, then you should do so consistently, rather than trying to pick and choose when to do so. Therefore, this will allow you to maximize the benefits of this strategy.

Fifth, There are several ways to trade TSS Live Signal. If you are trading one lot, then you can either exit at Taking Profit and wait for the next trade or move your stop to break-even price and go for a bigger ride. Of course, you can also use the other strategy with multiple contracts.

Sixth, A word about my Take Profit targets. My targets tend to be very accurate, but that doesn't mean the price will hit them on the move I’m on. Sometimes the price almost gets there, then retraces to a point where we are stopped out, then resumes the original direction (in which case I will endeavor to get back in the trade, but only if I can get a low-risk entry). Therefore, it is always important to at least move your stop to break-even as quickly as possible, since we never want a winner to turn into a loser.

Seventh, Again, the mission of the trading business is to minimize losses. Meaning that I will sometimes get stopped out and then have to jump back in if the price heads back in the direction, I've projected. Given the lack of follow thru on some days, I'd rather take a small loss and stand aside than suffer through a deep retracement and be deep under water while the market decides which direction it wants to go. In the current market environment, it is tough to make up a significant loss on one trade, so why to allow ourselves to be in that position in the first place.

Eight, That is not to say we won't have losing trades or even losing days. Of course, we will. When that happens, and I can assure you it does, I am confident we will make it all back and more the following day (although, of course, there can be no guarantee in that regard). But my goal is not to have a big losing day. But don't fret on losing days, there will be other profitable days/trades.

Ninth, Of course, nothing I do should stop you from doing whatever you feel is prudent. That means that you are free to take a signal trade, even if I have not, and you are free to exit a trade, even if I have not. Some subscribers use me for target information and nothing more. Others follow to the letter what I broadcast and do. The choice is yours.

In conclusion

Remember, the object of this trading business is to make money. It is not to negotiate against yourself by trying to outguess the market once you are in a trade, or to make your broker rich by over-trading.


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